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Tony Smith

Svobodná demokratická škola Gaudi

Why Gaudi and what is my role here?

Why Gaudi? I love Gaudi!! I think it’s an amazing place, the positivity of the children and guides makes the atmosphere the perfect place to teach, instead of wearing a suit and tie, I can wear comfy clothes and roll around on the floor teaching English in a way that I think works better than the conventional methods used.


I’m a fully qualified UK pharmacist with a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Compounding gained at The Queen Mary University in London (This makes me an ‘Ing, in Czech terms) with five years’ experience working at a private hospital. I’m also a qualified EFL English Teacher with four years’ experience.

Teaching Experience.

For the last four years I have had my own business called Anglický Učitel Angličtiny, where I teach English (and still do) mostly on a business level at places such as Tatra, Hydroscand, Topcore, Luielei and Business Logic amongst others. I also taught at Svata Zdislava school in Kopřivnice until COVID and our first lockdown put an end to it.

A little about me.

Ok, a little about me! The boring stuff first…… I’m from London, England, East London to be exact and spent the first 40 years of my life there. Four years ago I moved to Kopřivnice with my Czech wife (whom I met in London) and two children, and yes it was a massive culture shock! But I must admit I enjoy the slow pace of life, the friendliness of the people and the beautiful nature around me. I have a million hobbies but I don’t really have much time for most of them, my biggest passion is running, I run every other day, around 40km per week and I run in many competitions in this region. I also like drawing, reading, learning guitar, photography, hiking with my dog, yoga and studying sport science. Oh and I love football!