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Filip Mżyk

Svobodná demokratická škola Gaudi

Why Gaudi and What’s my role here? 

I have already been a part of various democratic and horizontally structured teams. Still, I could never imagine them working out in “real life” conditions so the premise of Gaudi, and the fact that it indeed works, was something I wanted to see. I also felt that the fresh ideas I would encounter in Gaudi could help me decide what to pursue in a future career. As a volunteer, I am very enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge (be it mathematics, music, fashion, sports, language, or other!) with children and I hope to learn a lot from them too.


I am an economist. I graduated from the University of Macedonia, Department of Economics in 2023. During my bachelor’s I went for an Erasmus+ semester in Finland, studying Economics, Business and Statistics at the University of Vaasa.


I have tutored Fundamentals of Economics as well as Mathematics and provide general assistance to teenagers preparing for entrance examinations to universities. I have volunteered as a translator and interpreter for the TEDxUoM 2019. I also had various roles and responsibilities in the Environmental team of my university and during the Erasmus Training I took part in.

A little about me 

I am 23 years old. I come from Poland but I moved to Greece, Thessaloniki when I was 8 years old, so Polish and Greek are my native languages. As a hobby, I produce music (mainly in the electronic genres) and sometimes create videos. I am also interested in fashion and programming. I love skiing and cats!